The Goats

Marty chews a Pohutukawa at Kindergarten

'Marty' (the Rawhiti Goat)

Born: 4th September 2006

Breed: Rawhiti Goat (rare), is a type of goat originating from the breed called Old English goat, one of the oldest breeds of domesticated goats known.

Parents: his dam is Te Hua Luna, sire is Te Hua Argus. Marty was born at Te Hua Farm, Oxford, Canterbury. There are photos of Argus and Luna - Argus is the red buck, Luna is a small black doe, with a moon-shape in white on her flank.

"Hi , I'm Marty and I am a rare Rawhiti miniature goat (also known as Tuart English Goat). Do you know what rare means? It means that there are not very many of us. I am really cute, brown and fluffy. Some children say I feel like candyfloss but not sticky! I'm told I am very polite and have good manners. My favourite thing is to crawl under fences."



 Lemony Magical Unicorn Goat


Born: 12th September 2006

Breed: Mixed breed, but mostly Rawhiti goat.

Parents: Mother's name is Parsley who is half Rawhiti goat, father is Te Hua Argus (same as Marty).

"Hi, my name is Lemony and I was born just after Marty, we have the same Dad. I traveled with him on our journey from the South island to Zippity Zoo in Kapiti. I'm slightly bigger than Marty and the strongest goat at the zoo - I have big muscles! I still have part of a horn growing out of my head- its called a scur. Sometimes it gets wiggly and falls off. My favourite thing is to jump high over fences and eat...lots and lots...even Beverley's pants! Marty and I might live until we are 20 years old."


Flossie (The Saanen Goats)

 Flossie in the fields

Born: 2005, date unknown

Breed: Saanen Goat

Parents: Unknown

"Hi, I'm 'bossy' Flossie.  I was born in 2005 and Freddy is my brother. We enjoy banging our heads together. I used to enjoy climbing on cars when people were not looking but these days I would rather just laze about in the sun and eat. I am super special as I was a 'maiden milker' which means I produced milk without ever having a baby. Farmer Bee said it tasted like warm icecream and also made cheese from it.  'Big mac' was my first baby...he is still part of Zippity Zoo.




Friendly Freddy

Born: 2005, date unknown

Breed: Saanen Goat

Parents: Unknown

I am Flossie's brother Freddy. Farmer Bee had to stop wearing earrings as I like to eat them when pretending to cuddle. I think Farmer Bee looks a lot like me!!!!

I am the boss of the Zippity Zoo herd but really enioy getting 'chin noogies' and my head rubbed. I wag my tail when I am happy."




Big Mac

Big Mac

Born: 2009, September

Breed: Saanen Goat

Parents: Flossie (Mum) and Syd Vicious (Dad) 

 "Hi I am Big Mac and I am Flossie's baby boy. Farmer Bee took a video of me being born - I was Flossies first baby. I love to give licky goat kisses (just like my Mum) and play on the goat mountain at Creeky Bottom Farm. I have just started to come out with the zoo and really enjoy the treats children give me.  I am going to be a big boy like my Uncle Freddie."






Born: 2009, October

Breed: Saanen Goat

Parents: Mum (Mum) and Syd Vicious (Dad) 

I was born on a very stormy night in the spring of 2009. My Mum would not go into shelter as she was ill. I bleated really loudly to tell her I was cold but she would not move. I bleated so much I hurt my throat, and hurt my ear drum badly. I can't make any noise at all now. I am the little goat that lost her bleat in the sleet!


baby skipper on couchMy Mum could not help me when I was a baby so Farmer Bee let me sleep in her bed with her, and sit on the couch with her on rainy days. Then I slept with Honey the dog. I drank Flossie's milk from a bottle that Farmer Bee gave me. I always get a  cuddle from Farmer Bee every day.


You can see Farmer Bee singing me to sleep on Youtube.



Bubbles before haircut


Born: Unknown

Breed: Angora

Parents: Unknown

I look very different to the other goats as my hair grows long and shaggy like a sheep and I also need to be shorn just like the sheep. People can make lovely warm jerseys from my wool. I am the smallest goat and really enjoy treats.

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